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I have a question.
Why they are in green masks??  There must be some meaning, I guess.


looks like you had as bad weather as we did further south in Murcia! totally miserable  - endless rain, hot waterbottles to bed! thank goodness for churros y chocolate!


Thanks for your comments. :-)

u-mik, I must confess: I don't really know, but I presume it's because there are several processions by several different "parroquias" (parroquia = parish) more or less at the same time, so each of them must have their own color. (I'm not sure if your question was about the masks in general or just about the color.)

clairesays: Yes, we really did have bad weather in Zaragoza! But later, in Pamplona and San Sebastián, it got better, at least occasionally.


Thank you for your answer. 
It's interesting to know the other culture and customs.

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