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[this is good]


[this is good] Heh, I was in a hostal in Atocha once. Going up the stairs, I thought it was an abandoned monastery tower that was about to be demolished with all the dust and old wood. Once we got to the room with the floors, it was all right.

Chalk it up to rustic charm?


Ha! don't you love this part of town! I was seeeing a guy in Atocha when I lived in madrid and thinking how grotty it all was - then suddenly from the block next door - John Malkovich appeared - apparently he was a regular but no one could quite work out what was going down!

Did you find La Maceira? - my favourite restaurant in madrid!


Thanks for your comments!

Rustic charm... Yes. I must confess I actually enjoy seeing these things - as long as I don't have to LIVE in a building like this (Been there, done that...)

Clairesays, I suppose your question about Madrid was addressed to Shinkaide. In case it was addressed to me: I haven't been to Madrid in about ten years, so I can't remember if I've been to La Maceira or not. But Madrid a lovely city - chaotic, but lovely, and I would like to see it again soon.


[this is good] Malkovich in Atocha?  That man sure knows how to get around (and keep a low profile while he's at it)! I'm sure he finds the environs quite appealing - I find it quite hard to like 'em.

On a not-so-related note... it seems that he has a permanent scowl on his face, though.

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