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[this is good] Man, it looks really electric in that environment (plus, I imagine the weather must be quite pleasant over there). I must make it a point to travel there at one point in the future.

Y'know, when I think about it... I wonder why amazon.com doesn't have a website for the Hispanic market... it's such an inconvenience at times.


I agree with you: Amazon should definitely have a website for the Hispanic market, and if they are clever, they will have one in the (near) future.

By the way, if you (or anyone else who sees this) are looking for an on-line bookstore in Spanish, have a look at Casa del Libro (Spain): http://www.casadellibro.com/ Their selection is quite good, and they also have big bookshops in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, etc. (I think they have about 5 or 6 bookshops in Madrid alone.) It's definitely one of the best bookshops in Barcelona.


It's great to see so many people enthusiastic about reading. I miss the small book shops that you can curl up an read in all day and we used to have street book fairs too. Where I live, we have been bombarded by the big chains like Barnes & Noble and Borders. The eclectic booksellers have all faded away. Have you started reading Curious Incident? It looks like an interesting story.   


No, I haven't started reading it yet. I need to finish two or three other novels first. But yes, it does look like an interesting story.

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