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The good ol' fnac. I bought a nice Nikon digicam there (from the fnac at Sol)... and when I got back to the Philippines, I was surprised to find out that that same model costs more in the PH than it did in Spain.

I say this because electronic items are usually cheaper around Asia. Then I compared several more items, like mobile phones and mp3 players... with the same amusing conclusion.


Yes, electronic goods are quite cheap here, but I'm surprised to hear that FNAC was cheaper than your local stores.


[this is good] It's surprising, but it's quite true. Anyway, there were some smaller stores and merchants selling the same goods around Sol, say for about 5-10 Euros cheaper than the prices at FNAC.

Those stores struck me as quaint, since most of them were practically hidden away inside old buildings, and you really had to walk inside unmarked entrances. Hmm.


That's the only shopping center I actually like in Barcelona
I find myself there every so often, it's always so calm and zen not your average shopping center, really! have you been to the hello kitty shop? so mental!

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