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Actually, as far as stereotypes go, I don't think I've ever seen them confirmed by real life situations...


Was this before, or after alcohol? ;-)

As much as I hate stereotypes, I do think that they tend to have a grain of truth, though usually greatly exaggerated.  However, they shouldn't blind you if the observed reality doesn't conform to your preconceptions.

Iván y Daniel

I didnt actually know that hockey was a big sport in Spain, is it?


Dear All, thanks for your comments! (I've been away for a while...)

Chiva, (unfortunately) you are right: it was _after_ they had been doing some drinking... ;-)

Daniel e Iván: No, ice hockey is not popular in Spain, but I am actually from Finland, and this sport happens to be very, very popular in my country (like football in Spain), so I searched and found the only bar in Barcelona where you could see the game.

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